Talent Supplier

Project Analytics, as part of the service offered by Data Science District, is the trusted partner of an extensive network of Top500 companies, start-ups & institutes in the Netherlands helping them getting control on their temporary staffing requirements.

In this we not only work together with a network of freelance professionals, but more often we collaborate with specialised talent suppliers. 

Why Project Analytics?

Get access to our client’s network!

Collaborating with us opens a lot of doors, getting instant access to a large network of financial, fintech and insurance companies and institutes.

Receive temporary assignments.

Working together with Project Analytics and explaining to us your specialties automatically ensure you, as a secondment agency of getting the chance of being selected and contacted with temporary projects of our clients.

Offer your service

Teaming up with Project Analytics typically enables you to offer your services to financial organisations and institutes which are looking to hire domain specialised service providers to solve their data-driven business problems.

Way of Working

If you are a talent supplier with financial data-driven expert consultants looking for new projects for them, we might be able to help you in landing a new temporary opportunity.

Request access

Project Analytics must uphold a high standard towards its clients and professional’s network. That is why our platform can only be accessed after being granted access. As a talent supplier of professional consultants, you can request access to our platform which enables you to receive projects and temporary assignments.

Conference meeting

After subscribing and assessing your application we will send you an invitation upon admission in which we will schedule in a conference call/meeting with you to further get to know each other and get a clear idea of you company and offered expert consultants.

Understanding your specialties

Based on your shared information we will make sure to share with you, relevant temporary assignments. Next to understanding your specialities we work with a robust NLP driven database. You can share us your consultants’ profiles in which we will contact you whenever they get automatically matched to project assignments from our clients.

Presenting us your available expert consultants

When you find or receive an assignment that suits your consultants you can respond to this by sharing your candidate’s profile. Through us your employees have a good chance of obtaining an interesting assignment. If you feel one or more of your consultants match the received project opportunity you can share with us the profiles of the available consultants, you would like to present to our clients.

Transparent way of working

Working with us, means no secrets! Reaching a mutual beneficial agreement regarding hourly rates, margins etc.

Let us know about upcoming available consultants.

Let us know which consultants you expect to become available on short notice and we will make sure to represent them towards our subscribed clients by sharing them your expert consultants’ profiles. Next to that we will make sure to share their profiles on our website as well, for companies looking for professionals to hire to search for profiles on our platform itself.