Independent Professional

Are you working as an independent AI & Analytics domain specialist? We work together with many diverse clients constantly looking for experienced freelance market professionals active within the AI & Analytics domain.

Are you looking for a new contracting assignment, or do you expect to be available again soon and so you want to be kept informed about relevant and interesting projects, then request access by creating a personal profile.

Services Offered

Clients’ Network

Get Instant access to our extensive and diverse clients’ network, spread throughout the Netherlands, from financial multinationals to fintech start-ups and scaleups.

Assistance & Support

Assistance and support are provided throughout the whole process, including scheduling and preparation for your job interviews.

Advise & Guidance

During our collaboration we will do whatever is in our power to guide you through this process. Helping you present your resume, share useful information on how to prepare for the job interview and understand if the company is indeed a good match for you.

Focus on what you do best.

Becoming part of our network of professionals allows you to focus on what you do best and gives you unlimited access to numerous assignments for which you can show your interest.


Birds-eye view of all assignments from end-clients, consulting firms and MSPs.

Signing up for multiple assignments

Because of the strong demand for temporary AI & Data Science financial domain professionals, we see a large increase of assignments for Project Analytics. This makes it possible for our members to subscribe for multiple projects and really look at the subject-matter of the assignment instead of feeling pressured to take on an assignment simply so that you definitely have a project.


As part of our service towards our candidates offering, we provide active support during the contract negotiation phase.


If we successfully find you a temporary project, we will do our best to find you new opportunities when the current project finishes, meaning rolling over from one assignment to the next at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Networking opportunities & Knowledge sharing

Working as an interim specialist can be lonely sometimes. Joining Project Analytics and being a part of the network brings some additional interesting benefits. Especially for our members we organize Webinars, share interesting market insights, upcoming events and finally offer discounts on obtaining certificates, attending master classes, books, seminars etc.

How We Work

If you are a freelance AI, Data Science & Analytics professional looking for a new project or expecting to become available for new contracting opportunities, we might be able to help you in landing a new temporary assignment.

Request Access

Project Analytics must uphold a high standard towards its clients and professional’s network. That is why our platform can only be accessed after being granted access. If you are interested in becoming part of our network, please register and request an invite.

Conference meeting

After assessing your application we will send you an invitation upon admission in which we will schedule in a conference call/meeting with you to further get to know each other and get a clear idea of you ambitions etc.

Proactive Mediation

Based on your needs we will proactively contact companies on your behalf.

Spam Free

We will only send you job openings if you want us to, if no longer necessary you can choose to no longer receive this information by easily unsubscribing.


Working with us, means no secrets! Reaching a mutual beneficial agreement regarding hourly rates, margins etc.


Your individual responses and personal data will not be shared with third parties unless we have asked – and you have provided us with – explicit permission to do so.


If we successfully find you at a temporary project we will schedule regular evaluation moments to discuss the current, and potential future assignments.


We work in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch legislation. This includes all information you provide us, including any personal information, will be kept strictly confidential.